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Cory the Popcorn's Big Adventure Book Cover

Cory the Popcorn's Big Adventure

written and illustrated by Seth Fowler
Publisher: BooksbySeth
Publication Date: July 2008
Age Range: 4 and up

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Finally a children’s book that the whole family can enjoy, Cory the Popcorn’s Big Adventure is packed full of fun and excitement and promotes core family values such as politeness, forgiveness, working with others, and self-confidence.

Join Cory, a determined piece of popcorn, along with his friends Fro, a witty Jamaican afro pick, Bristles, a valley girl hair brush, and Stale, a wise old piece of popcorn, as they face challenges, pains and successes on their travels to help Cory find his way home.

This amazing story from the mind of a nine-year-old shows us that no matter how young or old, big or small, buttered or plain, a little piece of popcorn can do great things with determination and a little help from friends, and so can we!